Bringing the World into the New Millennium

OutDoor Cowboys

The “OutDoor Cowboys” was birthed from hanging out with Vets,

missionaries, and people doin it outdoors. The shot above is from climbing the Haulapi Mountains in Kingman, Arizona. 

The Creation Brainstorm Magazine

The TCBS came from the anachronism of the above Title and was an online magazine I had in 2000. It was getting 10,000 hits per week with its eclectic format which I think covers the interests of most thinkers and innovators. When working with the networks I learned a few secrets of getting a site seen and delved through like hungry mice in a cheese cabinet. We have a load of stuff ready for publish as soon as we get this site launched in its new form! I now have 80,000 loyal and hungry followers from around the globe. Now of course it will be in video form and everyone is asking when. As soon as you read this and it is gonna be great fun and educational as well as inspiring! The blog that so many like will also come along with us to the new sites and new overall name!

360 World View

A supernatural look at what we see daily in our 360 Worldview. Those who have their spiritual eyesight can see what others miss, right in front of them.