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American Industry

   American Industry is a melting pot of ideas, innovations and action put to these to motives. Ideas acted upon early in their conception have a great deal of hope towards becoming a reality. Even if at first they are drawings and descriptions, the two components of a patent; they are actions. Once an idea becomes or has, a prototype, it is time to tool up for manufacturing. This is where I would like to introduce an alternative, Micro Manufacturing. 

   This is not manufacturing in a tiny house, however it could be done. When I was working in Detroit in the 70’s, they had job shops all over town. These shops had punch presses and other machines that made parts for the different auto manufacturers. Some at the Lovell Plant, for instance, made the shock absorber parts for the new plastic bumpers. Some smaller machines made seat riser parts for trucks. 

   When I lived in a small town in Georgia a clothing manufacturer there, cut the fabric, and would send some of the work to people he had working out of home sewing the pieces together on industry blind stitch, and other special machines. They were qualified and had worked with him at his plant. He said he paid them piece work and he saved on different extras it takes to have employees in his building. They could also not have to put their children in daycare and with transportation savings as well, they both prospered from it.

   For instance you could airbrush T-Shirts with an original painting, have screens made, set up a five station color press and print the shirts, mass production in your basement. Having the screens made is expensive and also contracting out the shirts being printed is costly as well. What if you knew a few people who could use some side work but would prefer to do it from home. One who could make the screens, and another print and box the shirts, you can even contract someone like Harold to make certain size and type shirts for you. Now you have increased your profits considerably and also blessed other people with home industry work and a lot of the work of your shoulders. 

   My friend that worked with me at NCR, Tim, told me of people who were buying stamping machines and plastic extruders running them in shops and garages. I worked for a gentleman who started a multi-million dollar industrial repair service in a spare bedroom. I have built a tiny shop treehouse in my backyard to do the narrating of my show and projects from rather than spending money on a warehouse studio! Grassroots production so I can prove to all that you can turn your home into a productive invironment rather than a liability! Micro-Manufacturing is the way to go in this season of transition and change.