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Dr. Edward Smith

A supernatural look at what we see daily in our 360 Worldview. Those who have their spiritual eyesight can see what others miss, right in front of them.

Introducing my friend Dr. Edward,

I met Dr. Edward at my friends wake in Las Vegas. Since that time we have become close friends. I have followed his ministry, if you will, of helping others as a chaplain and also training chaplains and people to handle disaster victims and victims of violent crime. He started with the "Disaster Recovery Ministry" , Which later became "The Victim Relief Ministry in which he did training in both. He would be flown out in a moments notice to mass shootings, or disasters to council and assist recovery teams in any position they needed. He is now the chaplain of the Dallas police force in which he ministers to officers if they express a need for Godly council. He also is an instructor for various colleges in related classes, that deal with