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The project that brought us into the defense sector is the innovation of a radar system that sees everything. Don’t even think of it from a doppler point of view, it is brand new and has not been done. We use the signals completely different and the way they are developed is much, much different. Hacking anything digital or electronic will not get you any of the materials that make this work. Our system of cyber defense is total disconnect and our new funnel isolation totally takes everything and examines it prior to reception and discloses the intruder. Have a nice day! 

   It catalogs the airspeed, altitude and detailed location by longitude and latitude. It can direct a spy satellite with a camera to the point at which this flying object (aircraft, missile, drone) is traveling and guide it on the craft with the guidance signals picked up! It can remember what the algorithm designates the craft as and can then post a photograph of it if requested, either live or from memory. It knows where it is at all times. Not just one but all aircraft in the air can be recorded in a second and tracked. 

   The resultant display, which can be viewed by sectors can be isolated for emergency determination of a planes location and follow it with a video from above. It can use doppler assisted tracking and any other device. It is in connection with military, FAA and designated government officials can receive this specific signal. The sell of these signals to the commercial sector for all airports would also give way to better warnings of problems and flight deviations, as well as recording them. This gives way to an ability to pay for and support the systems maintenance, operations and improvements, removing a high cost burden to be added to the military or FAA budget. Depending on who invites us first. 

   We need help deploying this system so it will be in place, should we need it for an attack or lost planes as well as determining problems physically. It will take longer for us to fully deploy this system on our own. We are very interested in working with other groups such as military, aerospace engineers and programmers. I can present an outline for the programming. I have design of system and dishes associated with it, patent applied for. 

   Improvements are coming to me weekly to give it even greater power. Cities and our allies will certainly want to have these in place. This system will create many jobs and unknown opportunities! 

   My experience working with Loral on the E2 Hawkeye monitors and enlightenment from being in operations division at Pax River Naval Test Center between 1971 and 1973. Since my honorable discharge in 1973, this enlightenment has grown abundantly designing equipment to save companies like NCR, Sherwin Williams, Kretcl Electric, Turner Studios, Echo-Star and many others, millions and increasing their production considerably. My credentials are listed on LinkedIn.

   If you are interested in having a meeting with us for secure disclosure of a system that will blow your mind with how it is done, how it integrates easily into any system of satellites already existing, and our totally new dish, contact the email below or call. Please only certified military contractors 

or military personnel please. 

Richard R. Langley

[email protected]

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