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   I followed the space program with books, watching the rockets take off from Kennedy Space Center as a kid. We would all hurry out into the playground and see the vapor trail from the rockets the same as today right in my driveway and street. I flew when I was young for the first time back to my mothers from my grandparents in Atlanta. It was raining and they served peanuts and a coke. I remember it was a twin engine propeller DC5 and the plane did some climbing and diving in the storm, which I thought was neat! 

   I later became a Search and Rescue crewman, working with UDT, SEALS and all kinds of aircraft and missiles. I was stationed at the Pax R. Naval Air Test Center. I plane captained nearly every plane the Navy had. It was a glorious ride until getting injured several times. These experiences gave me a jump ahead on what was really out there. I read and trained myself along with my children in all of these things. My last gig for the private sector was with NY1 News as an engineer. By Gods help I was able to work until 2012 until the injuries got the best of me and I had to eliminate heavy labor from my skills. Through some extensive rehab and a few surgeries I am able to get around very well but I have my days. I went back to school at Full Sail University and took Digital Cinematography. 

   I have seventy five or more innovations that I have collected over the years that I am filming the development of and will run as the show, "Creation Brainstorming". I hope you stick with us and we will make it happen together. We will be hiring engineers both electrical and mechanical and many on the hands on level. So stay tuned.